Is CBD Legal in Wisconsin?

After the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill by President Trump in December of 2018, the state of Wisconsin recognized that it is legal to use and buy CBD within the state. State District Attorney Brad Schimel has instructed all law enforcement within the state to not take enforcement against any products produced from industrial hemp, which the Farm Bill removed from the Controlled Substances Act. Wisconsin farmers are even permitted to take part in pilot programs, allowing them to grow and sell industrial hemp, and it’s derived products, as long as they receive a permit and follow the Department of Agriculture requirements. Industrial hemp is the main source from which CBD hemp oil is derived from, through a process called extraction.

Legal CBD products in Wisconsin contain just trace amounts, or no THC at all, which is the psychoactive chemical found in cannabis. CBD products produced by Vermont Hemp Health, which are available to be shipped to customers throughout the state of Wisconsin, contain 0.3% or less THC, rendering them completely harmless and with no psychoactive traits.

Where Can I Buy CBD in Wisconsin?

As of 2018, retailers throughout Wisconsin are permitted to sell CBD oil produced from industrial hemp. Many of the products that are available in stores throughout the state are grown and manufactured by new-to-the-industry farmers and businesses since the legal growing of industrial hemp was permitted for farmers in Wisconsin. Wisconsin residents can also buy CBD oil and products online from manufacturers, such as Vermont Hemp Health. It’s legal to ship CBD products to Wisconsin, as long as the product contains 0.3% or less THC concentration and is derived from the hemp plant.

Do You Need a Prescription for CBD Oil in Wisconsin?

In 2014, CBD oil was only legal as a way to treat seizure disorders in Wisconsin. But in 2017, the Senate broadened its legality to use as a treatment for all medical conditions a doctor recommended or prescribed it for. However, due to the 2018 Farm Bill, you no longer need a prescription to get CBD that is made from agriculturally grown hemp in Wisconsin.

Buy CBD Oil Online in Wisconsin

Residents in Wisconsin can shop online for high-quality CBD products at Vermont Hemp Health. All of our CBD products are derived from organically grown hemp and are legal to ship throughout Wisconsin. We carry all of the required federal and state-level licenses to cultivate our CBD-rich hemp and ship it to all 50 states in the US. Our “whole flower” CBD oil and related products are able to be shipped quickly and discreetly straight to your home in Wisconsin. From seed to final packaging, the team at Vermont Hemp Health handles our CBD oil products with care and compassion, ensuring that we deliver some of the best CBD products in the nation, straight from our small farm in the Northeast Kingdom, Vermont. Shop online today to get your CBD!