Is CBD Legal in West Virginia?

In West Virginia, CBD hemp oil is legal for citizens to purchase, both in stores and online. West Virginia was actually one of the first states in the United States to pass a law, Bill 447 in 2002 that recognized the potential that industrial hemp offered. Bill 447 is actually even more lax than the 2014 Farm Bill, in which West Virginia law’s threshold for THC concentration in industrial hemp is set at less than 1%, while the Farm Bill required industrial hemp has less than 0.3% THC. In 2017, West Virginia removed all provisions in its industrial hemp program that limited farmers from cultivating the crop for anything but research use.


Today, residents of West Virginia can enjoy the many benefits of CBD hemp oil whether they purchase their CBD products from a brick and mortar location, or from a trusted online CBD producer like Vermont Hemp Health.

History of Industrial Hemp in West Virginia

Throughout the Ohio Valley, hemp has a long history as an incredibly prominent crop. The climate and soil of the region is ideal for hemp growth, which was quickly discovered as settlers moved west throughout West Virginia in the 1700s. Used predominantly to produce textiles, hemp crop in West Virginia was one of the state’s main cash crops up until the Civil War, when the cotton trade of the South was “cut off”, making the main buyers of hemp bags and cords unavailable to West Virginia manufacturers. In the 19th century, hemp again became a viable crop to support wartime efforts in the Spanish-American War, as well as World War One and World War Two. Following World War Two, the production of hemp became illegal and the industry died out, but the Farm Bill of 2014 has brought new life to the state’s hemp industry, and it stands to become a major player in hemp production on a national scale.

Where Can I Buy CBD Oil in West Virginia?

West Virginia residents can purchase CBD products at a variety of retail locations. Since medical marijuana has been legal in West Virginia since 2017, the most trusted physical location to purchase CBD is from one of the numerous state licensed dispensaries found throughout West Virginia. You can also find industrial hemp CBD in vape shops, wellness centers, and convenience stores scattered across the state. Of course, the simplest way to purchase your CBD is online, where a trusted manufacturer like Vermont Hemp Health will quickly and discreetly ship your CBD products straight to your home.

Do You Need a Prescription for CBD in West Virginia?

To purchase hemp derived CBD, which is covered under the Farm Bill as legal for sale – you do not need to obtain a prescription. Since West Virginia does have a medical marijuana program, marijuana derived CBD is also available through state-licensed dispensaries. But to purchase this type of CBD product, you’ll need to hold a patient identification card, issued by the state Bureau for Public Health.

Buy CBD Online in West Virginia

If you’re a patient in a medical marijuana program like the one that West Virginia offers to its residents that meet the qualifying conditions, purchasing CBD from a licensed dispensary is often the best bet to obtain high quality products. For residents of West Virginia who want to have high quality CBD products available to them, purchasing CBD online from a trusted retailer like Vermont Hemp Health ensures that you’re getting a product that is lab tested and handled from seed to packaging with the utmost care. Try Vermont Hemp Health today to see why customers across West Virginia, and the entire country, are raving about our Whole Flower CBD.