Is CBD Legal in Washington?

Washington is well known for its relaxed laws on marijuana and its derived products, like CBD. While CBD products themselves are legal in Washington when sold through a licensed cannabis retailer, as of August of 2019, state legislators have placed a bill in place to ban the use of hemp-derived CBD when it is used as an ingredient in food and beverage products. Fear not Washington CBD lovers, this new law isn’t likely to make CBD products disappear from your favorite dispensary or online retailer. Steve Fuller, the assistant director of the Food Safety and Consumer Services division of the Washington State Department of Agriculture, says that this should not be viewed as a “crackdown” and rather an “outreach and education” campaign, since the FDA has still not approved CBD use in foods and beverages at a federal level.


Since Washington State is one of the more forward-thinking states in cannabis legalization, it’s likely that this new law may be enforced more closely in major population centers like Seattle and Spokane. However, this doesn’t mean that products like CBD Hemp Oil that Vermont Hemp Health specializes in are no longer available. So feel free to order up and continue enjoying the many benefits that CBD has to offer.

Where Can I Buy CBD in Washington State?

Thanks in part to Washington’s relaxed laws towards cannabis products, CBD is readily available at a variety of brick and mortar stores, but is most commonly purchased at dispensaries found throughout the state. Many online retailers sell to Washington residents as well; where, like with Vermont Hemp Health, it’s likely that you’ll receive a higher quality product that has been rigorously tested and handled with care to ensure you’re receiving the most potent and effective dosage of CBD.

Do You Need a Prescription to Buy CBD in Washington?

No, there are no prescriptions required to buy CBD in Washington. Industrial hemp derived CBD products are readily available to both residents and visitors to the state, and even marijuana derived CBD can be purchased without the need for a prescription or medical marijuana card.

Buy CBD Oil Online in Washington

Buying CBD online in Washington, direct from the manufacturer, ensures that you’re receiving a product that was created to the standards that you set for it. Reputable CBD companies, like Vermont Hemp Health, perform third  party lab testing on every run of CBD concentrate to ensure a consistent potency and that the final product is pure and void of any irritants or contaminants that low-quality CBD oil is known to contain. Give our Vermont Hemp Health Whole Flower CBD a try today to see why our CBD products are receiving rave reviews from hemp connoisseurs throughout the state of Washington, and across the nation!