Is CBD Legal in South Carolina?

CBD Oil is legal in the state of South Carolina. Since 2014, lawmakers in South Carolina have allowed patients access to low-THC CBD oil derived from marijuana. With the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill, the restrictions of CBD oil derived from industrial hemp have been lifted, making CBD products widely available to South Carolina residents who may have not been able to receive a recommendation from a doctor for marijuana-derived CBD oil. One area where CBD products may become unavailable is in food and beverage products. Similar to other states in the country, South Carolina’s Department of Agriculture is banning CBD as an added ingredient in human and animal food products until the FDA approves it. South Carolina residents can enjoy speedy delivery of high quality CBD oils and lotions from Vermont Hemp Health by ordering online through our website.

History of Industrial Hemp in South Carolina

With thousands of acres of workable farmlands and rich, fertile soil, South Carolina has a long history of growing hemp as a crop. As one of the original colonies in the United States, South Carolina was granted subsidies and bounties for growing hemp, which made the crop one of the widely grown throughout the state. The growing and cultivation of hemp during the 1700s was essential to both England, who relied on states like South Carolina to export crop, and the growth of the colonies, as the hemp plant was used to produce products like cords and rope. South Carolina’s proximity to waterways meant a good portion of their hemp crop went towards producing canvas used to make and repair sails for ships. Up until the 1930’s, South Carolina’s farmlands continued to produce hemp harvests for textile use, when the industry was abruptly shut down by the passage of the Marijuana Tax Act. The passage of the Farm Bills of 2014 and 2018 has brought new hope to the state’s farmlands that hemp will once again grow to prominence as a viable cash crop for South Carolina farmers.

Where Can I Buy CBD Oil in South Carolina?

Throughout the state of South Carolina, residents and visitors will find a variety of brick and mortar locations selling CBD products. Whether it’s a speciality CBD store, a vape shop, a vitamin store, a convenience store, or even a gas station, it’s not difficult to find CBD products for sale in South Carolina. What is difficult, is finding high quality CBD, as many of these retail locations sell the cheapest product they are able to find in order to turn a big profit. That’s where Vermont Hemp Health’s online store has the advantage. We’re here to help people, and to provide the highest quality CBD that our team has worked for years to perfect.

You Don’t Need a Prescription to Buy CBD in South Carolina

Residents of South Carolina do not need to obtain a prescription to buy CBD from physical shops or online retailers. As long as the CBD oil that the resident possesses is derived from industrial hemp and contains less than 0.3% THC.


Buy CBD Oil Online in South Carolina

Since the Farm Bill raised the restrictions on selling hemp derived-CBD, the South Carolina market, as well as the rest of the country, has experienced a massive influx of new brands and products claiming to provide the benefits that CBD has to offer. Where these brands fall short is by being able to back up that claim and stand by the proof that they have handled their product from seed, all the way to the day it was bottled. That’s what shopping for CBD online with Vermont Hemp Health affords to our customers. The level of care and expertise that goes into every batch of CBD oil that we extract is what has made customers across the country choose our Whole Flower CBD line of CBD products to deliver a consistent and satisfactory CBD experience. Browse our shop today to find the perfect CBD product for you!