The minute you open a jar of our Lifter CBD flower a wonderful aroma of citrus, and tropical fruit fills your nose. It’s the kind of CBD flower you want to take in the morning and throughout the day. The name says it all, with the buds covered in orange hairs and trichomes that flavor and aroma is something you’ll want to have all day to lift you up. Single sourced and grown with organic practices right in Vermont. Try some Lifter CBD flowers today!

Taste: Pungeant, Cheesy, Citrus

Uses: Energy, Focus, Pain, Inflammation

Terpenes: B-Myrcene, B-Caryphyllene, Pinene

CBDA: 166 mg

CBD: 2.61 mg

CBDGA: 5.51 mg

CBC: O.3mg

THC 0.1%


Try some of our whole-flower CBD oil!

What do you want from your CBD oil? Vermont Hemp Health offers two strains for you to choose. Cherry Wine, or BaOX. Depending on what your needs are, decide which is right for you.

Cherry Wine

Our Cherry Wine Whole Flower CBD oil is great for many ailments, and is most effective at reducing stress and anxiety in ways that can help with confidence and productivity.


Great for many ailments, our BaOx Whole Flower CBD oil is especially effective for pain-relief and inflammation. Ideal for daytime and/or evening use, its effects won’t overwhelm or weigh you down.
View BaOx 

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