Our Process

It All Starts With A Seed.

At Vermont Hemp Health, we handpick only the best, highest-quality, rarest, and most unique strains, exclusively from high-grade cannabis. Vermont Hemp Health’s finest strains are bred and carefully selected to have below 0.3% THC levels and contain up to 20% CBD for optimal positive impact. Don’t forget about the various benefits of cannabinoids and terpenes, which are abundantly present in our whole flower cannabis strains. Our popular and favored strains include Cherry Wine, Baox, Otto II, Hawaiian Haze, and many more!

From Little Sprouts to Giant Flowering Plants- We Only Feed Them the Best Organic Food.

At Vermont Hemp Health, we carefully select the seeds that meet our highest standards. We only utilize organic growing methods by regenerative microorganisms into our live soil. This valuable process provides the plant’s roots with the utmost beneficial nutrients. Our freshwater is supplied from a crystal clear stream that directly nourishes our plants, encouraging them to grow to their greatest potential. With our extensive knowledge and expertise in farming unique cannabis strains, we know exactly what nutrients to feed our plants at specific stages during the plant’s growth, which ultimately allows them to reach full bloom successfully and consistently. From the time they are little sprouts to when they blossom into giant flowering plants, we give them the best organic food along the way!

We Know When a CBD Plant Reaches Full Potential.

The majority of people assume that harvesting cannabis is a very simple process, but it’s not! At Vermont Hemp Health, we are experts at recognizing the precise peak stages of when the trichomes on our flowers are ready to be harvested. For a better understanding, harvesting trichomes is the same basic idea as picking a fruit or vegetable when it is ripe. There are specific factors we check for, such as smell, taste, and texture, in order to accurately confirm when our CBD plant has truly reached its full potential. To sum it all up, when it comes to harvesting CBD trichomes, we have it down to a science. We have mastered the art of harvesting CBD to ultimately provide you with the best quality CBD on today’s market.

We’re Different – We Go Out & Hand Cut Each Tree.

When our cannabis plants are at the flourishing and blooming stage, our team goes out and hand-cuts each tree. The majority of the CBD industry uses industrial machinery to unnaturally shred, grind, and essentially destroy the entire delicate plant (including the stems, leaves, seeds, etc.) into the biomass. This is what sets Vermont Hemp Health apart from the rest. Our passionate team physically hand cuts each of our cannabis plants and places them in the rear of our pick up trucks to bring them to our warehouse facility, located right on our farm in Vermont. We pluck the buds from the plant’s stalks and leaves to separate the whole flower from the rest of the cannabis plant.

Just the Whole Flower.

As soon as the whole flower is manually separated, we preserve the buds in a highly controlled temperature and humidity environment to properly cure them, which ensures that our buds continue to have the highest CBD and terpene content. Similar to the whole flower, our variety of high-quality CBD products provide countless benefits, while looking beautiful and delivering an alluring aroma.

From Our Farm to Your Table – The Best CBD Products.

At Vermont Hemp Health, our personalized process and attention to detail make all the difference. In order to create the best CBD in the industry, we only use the whole flower and organic coconut MCT (medium-chain triglyceride) oil. Using intense heat, an extensive period of time, and high pressure, we are able to infuse the CBD from the best quality trichomes off the whole flower into our organic coconut MCT oil. Our top tier oil is simply constructed with just those two ingredients! Specifically, in our lemon flavor oil, we only add an organic cold-pressed lemon. We then package, label, and ship everything fresh and made to order, from our farm in Vermont. It is truly the farm to table experience when it comes to the quality of our CBD.