Is CBD Legal in Oregon?

Oregon is perhaps the most progressive state in the country when it comes to the legalization of cannabis and it’s derived products. Since 2014, recreational marijuana has been legal to all residents of Oregon. Since all forms of cannabis are permitted for production and sale in the state, residents are able to enjoy both hemp-derived CBD, which comes from industrial hemp with less than 0.3% THC content, or cannabis-derived CBD, which often contains higher concentrations of CBD, but also contains enough THC to be considered psychoactive when used. Finding CBD products for purchase in Oregon is quite simple. Residents and visitors can either visit a state licensed dispensary, or purchase the product online through a trusted CBD company like Vermont Hemp Health.

Where Can I Buy CBD Products in Oregon?

In a state like Oregon, it’s difficult to go very far without finding a location that sells CBD and other cannabis products. Due to cannabis’ legal status in the state, the best place to purchase CBD is from a state licensed dispensary. However, if you’re looking to purchase hemp-derived CBD that has undetectable levels of THC, you may want to look to an online specialty retailer like Vermont Hemp Health, as most CBD sold in Oregon’s dispensaries is derived from cannabis that contains much higher concentrations of THC than that of industrial hemp CBD.

Do I Need a Prescription to Buy CBD in Oregon?

No, there is no prescription needed to buy CBD in Oregon. Both residents and visitors alike can purchase both industrial hemp and marijuana-derived CBD in dispensaries throughout the state.

Where to Buy CBD Online in Oregon

At Vermont Hemp Health, we specialize in industrial hemp CBD. Every batch of CBD that we extract is tested by a third party lab to ensure that it falls under the 0.3% THC threshold that the Farm Bill requires for hemp-derived CBD to be sold. Read through the reviews from our thousands of satisfied customers who have turned to Vermont Hemp Health from across the country to deliver a high quality, high potency, and highly satisfying CBD product. Browse our online shop to view our entire line of Whole Hemp Flower CBD products that we have produced from seed, all the way to bottle. All of our products are able to be shipped to Oregon residents quickly and discreetly.