Is CBD Legal in Ohio?

CBD is not legal in Ohio. Ohio is one of the few states left in the country that has left laws on the books that dictate how hemp products are sold, overruling the Farm Bill. In 2018, The Ohio Board of Pharmacy ruled that CBD products are considered illegal unless licensed dispensaries sell them. These dispensaries are part of the medical marijuana program in the state with the first stores opening in early 2019. No person is to possess or sell CBD oil or marijuana-related products as the board lumped CBD and marijuana together despite their immense differences when used.

Medical marijuana programs in Ohio marked the year that House Bill 523 was passed in 2016. However, the bill is limited to certain medical conditions. The bill experienced some growing pains and delays, which delayed the program until 2019. However, the bill also allowed CBD oil to be sold to those with a prescription.

Buying CBD Hemp Oil In Ohio

Ohio has not approved the sale of CBD in their state without a prescription with offenders facing arrest.. In the meantime, Ohio residents can educate themselves on CBD as well as extraction processes.

Can I Buy CBD in Ohio with a Prescription?

To purchase or possess CBD in Ohio, a patient must suffer from one of 21 different medical conditions that would qualify them to obtain a Medical Marijuana card in the state. Ohio is, perhaps, the most difficult state to obtain a medical marijuana license in, since the patient must submit evidence of attempting alternative treatments, testimonies from doctors, and evidence that medical marijuana would improve their situation.

Purchasing CBD Online

Purchasing CBD online cannot and should not be done in Ohio at this time. However, if you would like to learn more about CBD and its many benefits, please read our CBD 101 Guide for more information.