Is CBD Oil Legal In North Dakota?

CBD hemp oil can be purchased in North Dakota across the state and the state itself has been one of the leading proponents for industrial hemp since 1999. CBD is extracted from the industrial hemp plant through a variety of processes. The state is also starting the process to put their medical marijuana bill into action. Governor Dog Burgum has made statements in favor of recreational marijuana with his support to decriminalize all varieties of hemp, which include marijuana.

Industrial hemp legislation has been in effect since 1999, with the country following suit in 2014 with the Farm Bill. To be considered industrial hemp, there has to be undetectable THC, which is the compound in marijuana that gets a user “high.” Cultivators have to keep THC levels down through breeding of the hemp otherwise it would not be able to be carried in stores throughout the country.

House Bills 1492 allowed for the growing of industrial hemp in 2005, which is one of the earliest examples of pro-hemp legislation. They are now regulating the plant, as well as allowing medical marijuana programs, with the first store opening in 2018. More shops will continue to open as the infrastructure and licensing processes of these businesses become more efficient. Governor Burgum would like full decriminalization by the federal government, as he has been very open on the topic.

Where to Buy CBD Hemp Oil In North Dakota

Retail stores have a decent variety of CBD products but at times cannot compare to online shopping for products. Vermont Hemp Health is a perfect example of a company that will deliver to your door with the highest quality CBD possible. Pets can even benefit from CBD supplementation, but studies have been limited due to the legality issue of the compound just a few years ago.

No Prescription Needed to Buy CBD in North Dakota

There are states that require a recommendation or prescription from a doctor for CBD, but luckily in North Dakota there is free access to the compound.

Buying CBD Online

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