Is CBD Legal in New Mexico?

Yes, CBD is legal in New Mexico. CBD is now available throughout the state, as the state has taken a proactive approach in bringing hemp-based products to residents. CBD is derived from Cannabis Sativa L or industrial hemp, which is a type of cannabis with little to no THC. This means there are no psychoactive effects at this dosage with some extraction methods eliminating even the trace amounts of THC. New Mexico has been in the fight to cultivate hemp since 2009, where the state wanted both Congress and the state government to recognize the difference between marijuana and industrial hemp. HM 47 was a formal request from state legislators to recognize the differences between these two types of cannabis.

The Agricultural Act of 2014 signed by Obama was legislation that allowed states to start programs to cultivate hemp. The Department of Health in New Mexico also provides medical marijuana for residents that qualify. Recreational legalization is up next, with Senator Pino of New Mexico leading the charge and constantly talking about the benefits of regulating this industry, as well as the tax money that would be generated for New Mexico.

Where Can I Buy CBD Oil in New Mexico?

With the passage of the Farm Act, CBD oil and other related products can be purchased at a variety of different retail locations throughout the state of New Mexico. Residents of New Mexico can also purchase their CBD online, direct from a manufacturer or from an online outlet that sells a variety of different products for other companies. As long as the CBD oil that is being sold in New Mexico, both in physical locations or online is derived from industrial hemp and contains less than 0.3% THC by dry weight, it is legal for purchase.

Do You Need a Prescription for CBD in New Mexico?

New Mexico residents do not need a prescription or a medical marijuana license for CBD in New Mexico. The types of CBD that are readily available throughout the state, as well as offered for sale from Vermont Hemp Health to be shipped directly to your home, fall under legal hemp products based on the requirements of the 2018 Farm Bill. Because the THC composition in industrial hemp is so low, it is practically undetectable and its effects cannot be felt by users. In states that have medical marijuana programs, a license or prescription is required for CBD that is derived from marijuana since the THC content is much higher than what industrial hemp CBD would contain, making it a controlled substance that must be permitted by the state’s governing body for medical marijuana use.

Buy CBD Online in New Mexico

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