Is CBD Legal in New Jersey?

Yes, CBD is legal in New Jersey. Since hemp CBD is a non-psychoactive product, it is protected by the Farm Bill. This bill permits products that are derived from industrial hemp to be legal unless state laws dictate otherwise. New Jersey is one of the most forward-thinking states in the country when it comes to cannabis reform. It has a large medical marijuana program, of which it’s patients are protected from arrest, prosecution and penalties under CUMMA, the Compassionate Use Medical Marijuana Act passed by New Jersey lawmakers in 2009. Under the Farm Bill of 2018, hemp-derived CBD also enjoys the same level of protection, provided that it contains less than 0.3% THC.

History of Industrial Hemp in New Jersey

You don’t get a nickname like the Garden State without growing hemp at some point in your history! New Jersey was one of the earliest settlements when American was being colonized, and those settlers who chose New Jersey to plant their roots also decided to plant their hemp. Hemp was an essential crop in the 1600s and 1700s, as it uses were in the 10s of dozens, being used for everything from textiles to ropes to oils for treating woods. When New Jersey and the other colonies were under British control, landowners were mandated to use a portion of their land to grow “the Queen’s hemp”, that was to be harvested and sent back to England to be used to meet their voracious demand for hemp fibers for clothing, sails, rope, and paper, amongst it’s other uses. In the rich soil regions of Northern New Jersey, hemp farms were a common sight into the late 1800s, when hemp was the material of choice to make books and paper. When the Marijuana Tax Act passed in 1937, it effectively put an end to the hemp industry in New Jersey and across the nation. Farmers in New Jersey are optimistic that a market for hemp still exists, and that the Farm Bill is the door reopening to exploring the variety of uses for industrial hemp.

Where Can I Buy CBD Oil in New Jersey?

Hemp CBD products are available throughout New Jersey at brick and mortar retailers like health food stores, smoke shops, specialty CBD stores, vape stores, and even convenience stores. CBD is also available in New Jersey’s Alternative Treatment Centers, another name for medical marijuana dispensaries, but to purchase CBD from these locations, it’s required to be a participant in the state’s CUMMA program.

You Don’t Need a Prescription to Buy CBD in New Jersey

It is true that you don’t need a prescription to buy CBD in New Jersey, as long as the CBD you are looking to purchase is derived from industrial hemp and contains less than 0.3% THC. If you’re looking to purchase or possess CBD that is derived from marijuana, a doctor’s recommendation to enter the state’s medical marijuana program is needed. Since marijuana is still a schedule 1 drug on a federal level, doctors actually aren’t allowed to write prescriptions for it at all.

Buy CBD Oil Online in New Jersey

New Jersey’s medical marijuana industry is one of the most well run in the entire country, with state organizations keeping a closer eye over everything, and ensuring that only patients who need the product are able to get it. Hemp CBD, on the other hand, is somewhat of an open playing field, where any manufacturer or company can slap a label on a package and claim it’s CBD. That’s where buying CBD online in New Jersey makes the process of obtaining high-quality CBD the right move if you care about what you are putting in or on your body. A company like Vermont Hemp Health utilizes it’s online retail store to make its products directly available to the consumer. Think of it as a digital farmer’s market for CBD. There is no middle man, you can ask us questions about how we grew the hemp, extracted the CBD, or determined the THC content…all from the comfort of your home. Browse our entire selection of Whole Flower CBD and feel confident in ordering with Vermont Hemp Health that you’ll be receiving a high potency product that will be shipped directly to your front door.  Contact Vermont Hemp Health today to learn more, we would love to chat!