Is CBD Oil Legal In New Hampshire?

Yes, CBD is legal in New Hampshire, and has been anticipated by many people living in state.  Residents are permitted to buy it in stores, as well as online with trusted companies. Comprehensive medical marijuana laws were first introduced to state legislation in 2013, but were not passed and the program not launched until 2015. The passage of the Farm Bill in 2014 that permitted the cultivation and sale of industrial hemp-derived CBD opened the door for New Hampshire’s residents to purchase CBD products with less than 0.3% THC, meaning they do not need to hold a medical marijuana ID card.

History of Industrial Hemp in New Hampshire

As an original colony, New Hampshire once treated hemp as a major crop that farmers throughout the state grew in massive amounts. Prior to the establishment of the United States, farmers in New Hampshire were bound by British law to grow and export hemp back to England, mostly to support the British Navy’s maritime efforts. Hemp was the fiber of choice for shipbuilding during that era because it was fast to produce and naturally was resistant to decay from saltwater. Following the creation of the United States, hemp remained such a major product for the newly formed nation, that farmers were allowed to pay their taxes with it, and some of the first drafts of the Declaration of Independence were written on hemp paper.


Where Can I Buy CBD Oil in New Hampshire?

There are a variety of shops throughout New Hampshire where residents can purchase CBD products, most of which can be found in the larger cities like Concord, Manchester, and Nashua. These stores vary in products offered, with some being CBD specialty stores with a wide selection of brands and products, while others may only carry a limited selection of oils or edibles. New Hampshire residents can also purchase their CBD products online from a trusted retailer like Vermont Hemp Health. Our Whole Flower CBD has become incredibly popular with customers in New Hampshire thanks to our high potency and quality controls that ensure a high grade product with every purchase.

You Can Buy CBD Without a Prescription in New Hampshire

A prescription is not required to purchase CBD in New Hampshire. Thanks to the passage of the Farm Bills of 2014 and 2018, hemp derived CBD can be purchased and possessed legally without the need for a prescription or medical marijuana license.

Buy CBD Oil Online in New Hampshire

Vermont Hemp Health is the perfect example of a company that goes the extra mile to make a superior CBD product by only the best parts of the hemp plant. Vermont Hemp Health offers great options online for those that do not want to go to a store that has a limited selection. Browse our website to view our full line of Whole Flower CBD oils and lotions. We’re sure you’ll find something that fits your needs for relief and relaxation that Vermont Hemp Health CBD has built its reputation on.