Is CBD Legal in Nevada?

Yes, CBD is legal in Nevada, and CBD products can be purchased in a variety of locations, as well as online. The fact that Nevada residents and visitors have access to recreational marijuana has helped CBD become widely accepted. Industrial hemp that is used to extract CBD has been grown since 2015, which followed the 2014 Farm Bill promptly. Medical marijuana has been available in Nevada since 2008, with recreational use being legalized in 2017. Since recreational marijuana legalization was passed in Nevada, the state has seen immense revenue from taxes on hemp, CBD products, and cannabis of all forms. Medical marijuana began in Nevada in 2008 after Chapter 453A was passed. Nevada Governor Sandoval signed SB 305, which supported growing industrial hemp in 2015. Nevada had such a marijuana boom after recreational use was legalized, that some dispensaries were actually running out of marijuana.

Where Can I Buy CBD Oil in Nevada?

Purchasing CBD oil in Nevada depends on your preference of how you want to purchase it. There are shops with immense selections, while there are others that just have a few basic CBD-related products. Since recreational cannabis is legal in Nevada, residents and visitors can also find hemp derived CBD in state licensed dispensaries throughout the state. It’s important to ask about the THC content in the CBD you purchase from a dispensary, as they are often sold right alongside CBD that is derived from marijuana. This type of CBD  will have a much higher THC concentration than CBD that is extracted from industrial hemp.

Do You Need a Prescription for CBD in Nevada?

CBD products do not need any form of paperwork from a medical professional to be purchased in Nevada. CBD derived from industrial hemp has been federally legalized, with hemp being taken off of the Controlled Substances Act. Nevada’s relaxed laws on cannabis make it so that any cannabis products can be purchased without the need for a prescription or medical marijuana card.

Buy CBD Online in Nevada

Buying CBD oil online in Nevada is one of the best ways to ensure that the CBD products that you are purchasing are exactly what you are looking for. At Vermont Hemp Health, our dedication to the customer and willingness to educate the customer on how their CBD was grown and extracted, sets us apart from the rest. Contact us today for more information on our products.