Is CBD Legal in Nebraska?

CBD is legally available under the Uniform Controlled Substance Act, Nebraska’s version of the federal controlled substance act. The majority of residents in Nebraska support the use of both marijuana and industrial hemp for medical reasons. Legalizing CBD has proved difficult though due to language in laws and misinformation of some voters. Possession of even a small amount of marijuana or hemp can land you in jail for a week for any offense after the 1st.

In 2015, legislation set up the pilot program at the University of Nebraska where only patients with intractable seizures could get CBD. Being caught with CBD could land a person in jail for possession of an illegal substance. In 2018, however, CBD was taken off of the state’s definition of marijuana as the FDA began to approve products containing CBD. Epidiolex, a spray, is currently the only product that a person can get legally in the state.

Where Can I Buy CBD in Nebraska?

Currently, there are no available locations to purchase CBD legally in Nebraska, as per state law. Despite the Farm Bill permitting the sale of hemp and hemp-derived products, Nebraska is one of the few states that still has laws on its books that limit the production, cultivation, and sale of hemp CBD to research bodies at the University of Nebraska and Nebraska Medicine. Nebraska residents may be able to purchase CBD products online through a trusted retailer.

Do You Need a Prescription to Buy CBD in Nebraska?

The only way to legally obtain CBD in Nebraska is to be a patient enrolled in the state’s Medical Cannabidiol Pilot Study through the University of Nebraska and Nebraska Medicine. With a physician’s recommendation, a patient with intractable epilepsy can obtain CBD oil and other CBD products that are currently being tested in the pilot study.

Buying CBD Online in Nebraska

Because Nebraska’s state law considered hemp and marijuana to be one in the same, CBD with trace amounts of THC is still treated as a Schedule 1 controlled substance. Although CBD is illegal in Nebraska, you can still learn more about CBD and its benefits by reading our CBD 101 Guide.