Is CBD Legal in Missouri?

Yes, CBD oil is legal in Missouri and is available for purchase, both online as well as in stores throughout the state. Missouri has passed laws allowing for the research and cultivation of industrial hemp starting in 2014 following the passage of the hemp laws on a national level. Federal legislation came in the form of the Farm Bill of 2014, which was signed by President Obama. This allowed states to cultivate industrial hemp, as well as research it, and that these programs were to be controlled by each individual state instead of being overseen federally. Just months later, Governor Matt Blunt signed HB 2238 that allows the state’s agriculture department to grow this type of industrial hemp. The effort towards a state industry around industrial hemp has not stopped, with Representative Paul Curtman saying “Every year we pick up more votes, and I think the reason for that is, because as this bill is continually introduced, there are people from the market, farmers, manufacturers, investors, who would like the opportunity to open up shop in order to get this plant grown and distributed to manufacturers.”

Where Can I Buy CBD Oil in Missouri?

CBD can be purchased over-the-counter in Missouri as long as the CBD residents are consuming is extracted from industrial hemp. Industrial hemp is related to marijuana, but does not have THC so does not have the capacity to make a consumer “high,” regardless of how much was ingested or used. There is a limit to trace amounts of THC allowed in hemp derived CBD products, with certain extraction processes eliminating all traces of THC.

Do You Need a Prescription to Buy CBD in Missouri?

The only way to legally acquire CBD is to obtain a recommendation from a neurologist for a hemp registration card. These cards are reserved for Missouri residents with intractable epilepsy. Because the Farm Bill permits hemp products to be sold, it’s not uncommon to find natural food stores or smoke shops selling CBD products.

Buy CBD Oil Online in Missouri

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