Is CBD Legal in Mississippi?

CBD oil is legal in Mississippi, with residents able to find it online and in many stores across the state. The 2014 Farm Bill signed by President Obama encouraged the cultivation and research of industrial hemp in Mississippi, from which CBD is derived. States were then left in charge of creating their own programs, or leaving laws in place if they decided to not cultivate hemp at all. Over 30 states already have industrial hemp cultivation programs in place, with many others following. Despite its similarities to marijuana, industrial hemp doesn’t contain enough THC to get a person “high,” so its use is being viewed strictly from a commercial, agricultural, and medicinal aspect, instead of the recreational viewpoint that is often tied to pro-marijuana legislation.

Where Can I Buy CBD Oil in Mississippi?

The availability of CBD hemp oil for Mississippi resident is wide and vast, as it can be purchased in a retail store or online depending on the consumer’s preference and the type of CBD product they are looking for. As long as the CBD product that a consumer is looking to purchase is extracted from industrial hemp, and contains less than 0.3% THC, it can legally be purchased throughout the state of Mississippi. Mississippi residents can also purchase CBD online, which is often the best bet to ensure that the product you’re getting is of the highest quality and was produced by a trusted source.

Do You Need a Prescription for CBD in Mississippi?

Mississippi is a state where you do not need a recommendation or prescription from a doctor to procure any CBD products. Due to the passage of the Farm Bill of 2018, industrial hemp and products derived from industrial hemp are permissible for sale and possession, as long as the product does not contain more than 0.3% THC. All of Vermont Hemp Health’s CBD products are lab tested by a 3rd party lab to ensure that our CBD extracts are in compliance of all federal and state laws surrounding industrial hemp derived CBD.

Buy CBD Online in Mississippi

Vermont Hemp Health is a trusted online CBD seller that is proud to be transparent about our products and our CBD process. CBD has been life changing for consumers of all walks of life; so take the time to research products, as well as companies, before embarking on your CBD journey. Companies like Vermont Hemp Health value the customer above profits- we are happy to answer any and all of your questions about CBD and its benefits. To learn more, please contact us today, and check out our full line of high-quality CBD products.