Is CBD Legal in Minnesota?

CBD and its related products are legal in Minnesota. CBD oil is here for Minnesotans that have been waiting for some form of relief from a variety of symptoms and ailments. Not only can CBD products be purchased from retailers online, but also in retail stores throughout the state. The selection online is far superior, with quality brands like Vermont Hemp Health. Products range from edibles, oils, and topicals that contain CBD- all of which have their own uses and benefits.

History of Industrial Hemp in Minnesota

The 2014 Farm Bill being signed by President Obama opened up an immense amount of potential as far as industrial hemp and CBD go. In 2016, the DEA and Department of Justice approved commercial hemp in Minnesota for cultivation and research purposes. The long term economic impacts seem to be trending in a positive way, only to improve in the coming years. Minnesota State Rep. Mary Franson went on record to point out the immense amount of opportunity in this emerging industry that will have “exceptional benefits for Greater Minnesota and our state as a whole.”

Where Can I Buy CBD Oil in Minnesota?

Since hemp-based products are now legal in all 50 states, consumers can enter any physical business that sells CBD products and purchase it, so long as the CBD is derived from industrial hemp and contains less than 0.3% THC. There are no restrictions surrounding how much or how often a consumer can purchase. Medical marijuana dispensaries in Minnesota may advertise that they sell CBD, but the CBD they offer is often derived from marijuana and contains more THC than the law permits the average consumer to possess without a state-issued medical marijuana card. Most Minnesota residents purchase their CBD products from CBD stores, vape shops, smoke shops, convenience stores, health stores, or gas stations.

You Don’t Need a Prescription to Buy CBD in Minnesota

Certain states require a prescription or recommendation from a doctor to get CBD, but Minnesota has no such laws. A consumer can go into a retail shop and purchase CBD products with no questions asked. For those curious about CBD, it is not psychoactive, so it will not impair your ability to go about your day normally. A brand like Vermont Hemp Health prides itself on quality and purity, as CBD is important to improve the quality of life of so many people across the US. CO2 extraction helps remove even the small amounts of THC that CBD contains, creating the highest quality CBD oil possible.

Buy CBD Oil Online in Minnesota

There are very few instances where purchasing CBD in person is better than being able to buy it online. Online CBD sales allow for manufacturers and producers of CBD to get their products straight from the production line and into customers hands, ensuring that the product that is delivered is of the highest quality and utilizes the purest extraction processes. Vermont Hemp Health is one of these manufacturers- we take the additional steps needed to keep would-be customers informed about where their CBD comes from, who makes it, how it’s made, and why it’s superior to what they’d find in a local convenience store or vape shop. Browse our selection of Whole Flower CBD products or contact us today to learn about all that Vermont Hemp Health has to offer!