Is CBD Legal in Michigan?

Yes, CBD is legal in Michigan. CBD can be purchased in Michigan, with many stores and dispensaries carrying it, but many consumers prefer getting their CBD products online. There are federal standards for industrial hemp in terms of THC content found in the hemp. CBD and THC are very different, with THC having psychoactive properties, while CBD doesn’t have the ability to get a consumer “high.” Top companies extract the CBD with CO2, leaving the CBD with zero THC and zero chance of psychoactive side effects.

Industrial Hemp History in Michigan

House Bill 314 requested that Michigan “recognize industrial hemp as a valuable agricultural commodity.” The Agricultural Act of 2014 signed by President Obama invigorated the hemp industry by allowing states to cultivate industrial hemp and even encouraged it. House Bill 5440 helped redefine marijuana to allow industrial hemp to be grown as well as researched. House Representative Kevin Daley was clear in saying “we have to draw a distinction between this and the hoopla of medical marijuana in our state” He went on to state that industrial hemp is far from marijuana. He also highlighted its other uses, like within food, rope, and clothing.

Where Can I Buy CBD Oil in Michigan?

Finding CBD at a local retailer might not be for everyone, as many people prefer to shop online when purchasing a product like CBD that often requires a bit of consumer research. CBD still has a stigma among the uninformed, so people in areas where trusted retail locations are not available often opt to just get CBD delivered from an online vendor. Quality companies like Vermont Hemp Health should always be considered, as they provide the highest quality CBD products at reasonable rates.

Do You Need a Prescription to Buy CBD in Michigan?

Unlike other states, Michigan does not require a prescription or recommendation from a doctor in order to purchase CBD products. Many people think you need a medical card to purchase these products, but this could not be further from the truth! CBD products are viewed similar to an exercise or dietary supplement, and work on pain as well as inflammation, with other people finding relief from certain anxiety disorders when they try CBD.

Buy CBD Online in Michigan

Once you have discovered what CBD can do for you, looking online can bring up even more questions. Quality companies are willing to field these questions, while others want an uninformed consumer due to low quality products. Lab tested products should be the main target for someone searching for CBD-related edibles, oils, or topicals. Vermont Hemp Health provides its customers with an unprecedented level of transparency in our products, explaining in detail every step of the process, from seed and strain selection, to growing and harvesting techniques, to extraction and lab testing results. Our Whole Flower CBD has received rave reviews from customers all across the country for its consistent ability to provide relief in an easy and enjoyable form. Shop online and contact us with any questions you have today!