Is CBD Legal in Massachusetts?

CBD is legal in Massachusetts, and all varieties of the cannabis plant are legal for purchase as of 2018. The Farm Bill of 2014 was a piece of legislation that not only legalized, but also encouraged, the cultivation of industrial hemp. Industrial hemp has non-detectable THC, which keeps those who consume it from experiencing any psychoactive effects. This made the passage of the Farm Bill quite easy due to there being zero drawbacks of industrial hemp when compared to marijuana.

The determination to make CBD legal started in 2011 with HB 2758, with House Bill 3818 finally passing when Governor Charlie Baker signed it into law. This decision promised safe access to marijuana with adults being able to possess and purchase the plant. This applies for both medical and recreational marijuana with lawmakers stressing the management of the sale of THC-based substances. Once the recreational use of marijuana was permitted throughout the state, the sale and possession of industrial hemp extracted CBD became protected under the state statutes and legislation.

Industrial Hemp History in Massachusetts

Early settlers to America came armed with supplies to create a new civilization. One of the most important items that every ship that arrived had with them was hemp seed. Hemp is one of the fastest-growing plants used in agricultural production, and the settlers of the Massachusetts Bay Colony knew this and utilized it to its full potential to make textiles, bags, cord, and more. As the colonies continued to grow, British governors recognized that Massachusetts had over half a million acres of usable farmland, and ordered the farmers who owned this land to begin to dedicate a portion of it to grow hemp that would be harvested and shipped back to England. The need for hemp fiber in England was immense, as it was the primary fiber used to make sails and ropes used on ships. In the 1600s and 1700s, the British Navy was the largest in the world, and each ship required over 100 tons of hemp fiber to make the ropes and sails needed to rig the ships. Massachusetts’ position on the coast made it a major export destination for hemp headed to Europe, and there are tall tales that say that the Sons of Liberty, responsible for the Boston Tea Party, were actually hoping to board a ship filled with hemp, as its value to England greatly exceeded that of tea at the time.

Where Can I Buy CBD Oil In Massachusetts

CBD oils can be bought over-the-counter at many retail stores, as well as being available for purchase online. The best option is usually to purchase online, as you do not have to make quick purchase decisions and can research specific products and their benefits. Vermont Hemp Health is one of the highest quality brands out there, with a commitment to the customer and helping provide relief.

Humans are not the only ones that can find relief from a myriad of symptoms- pets can as well! CBD has been shown to have positive impacts in reducing inflammation and managing separation anxiety. All mammals have a system that responds to CBD, but consult your vet before giving a CBD product to your furry friend.

Buying CBD Online in Massachusetts

Taking time to look at the array of CBD products available online is the first step. Write out or save a few different products to see how they stack up in terms of ingredients, extraction processes, and customer reviews. A consumer will find brands like that of Vermont Hemp Health coming out on top consistently. Our commitment to customer satisfaction and clean production is why so many consumers choose Vermont Hemp Health- browse our online shop or contact us today to learn more about how our CBD oils and lotions can make a difference in your life.