Is CBD Legal in Maryland?

Yes, CBD is legal in Maryland. CBD oil being legal in Maryland makes it easier to purchase CBD products here than in other states that still have restrictions in place. Maryland also has a medical marijuana program that treats products derived from marijuana as illegal to possess without a state-issued license. But because CBD, like the type that Vermont Hemp Health sells online and ships to Maryland, is derived from industrial hemp, it is fully legal for sale and possession throughout the state. Because of the 2014 Farm Bill, hemp-derived products, including CBD extracted from industrial hemp, are legal in all 50 states, unless a state law says otherwise. CBD is treated just like any other sort of supplement that you’d find in a health store, convenience store, or specialty grocery shop.

History of Industrial Hemp in Maryland

Maryland is home to hundreds of farms, filled with rich, fertile soil. From the Eastern Shores all the way to the Pennsylvania border, hemp was once grown in abundance. Since Maryland was one of the earliest areas to be settled when America was still a British colony, landowners in the state were actually required by British law to use a certain percentage of their land to grow hemp that would eventually be shipped back to England to be used in textile production and in the shipbuilding industry. Once America gained independence from England, the hemp plant formed the backbone of the new nation’s agricultural strength. Hemp was so popular and sought after throughout Maryland and the other newly formed states that the government used to accept harvested hemp as a means for farmers to pay their taxes. Hemp continued to be grown in Maryland through the 1800s and into the early 1900s, when much of the state’s crop was used to produce textiles to support war efforts during World War 2. In 1937, the US government placed a ban on all hemp production throughout the country, effectively putting an end to the industrial hemp industry in Maryland.

Where Can I Buy CBD in Maryland?

CBD hemp oil has become increasingly popular in the state of Maryland as it can be bought online, in grocery stores, and in specialized CBD stores. Vermont Hemp Health is a great option for those who want to purchase their CBD online, as not everyone has time to do so thorough browsing at a retail store. Maryland already has a medical marijuana program, along with a network of state-licensed dispensaries, which has made the state’s acceptance of CBD and related products an easy one.

You Can Buy CBD Without a Prescription in Maryland

While medical marijuana requires a prescription from a doctor, CBD can be sold without one, or even without a recommendation from a doctor. CBD oil is derived from industrial hemp, which has little to no THC, meaning that there are no psychoactive properties. In other words it will not make a consumer feel “high.”

Buying CBD Online In Maryland

Once the Farm Bill lifted the restrictions on selling hemp and hemp-derived products like CBD oil, the most trusted way to purchase high quality CBD has been through online shops set up by manufacturers. Vermont Hemp Health offers our entire line of Whole Flower CBD online, and provides consumers with information on what strains of hemp are used, how we ensure that the THC levels meet the federal requirements to be sold, what methods we use to test purity and CBD content, and more! Purchasing CBD from a brick and mortar location just isn’t able to provide that level of transparency. Browse our online shop to learn more about our line of Whole Flower CBD oils and lotions, and confidently order your CBD online today, knowing we’ll have it shipped straight to your home quickly so you can start feeling all the benefits it can provide.