Is CBD Legal in Maine?

Yes, CBD is legal in Maine. The state permits the sale of industrial hemp derived CBD products, but has recently begun cracking down on CBD that is sold in edible form, such as in cookies, gummies, or drinks. This slight step back in the acceptance of CBD products comes due to state health departments requesting that retailers and manufacturers not sell the compound as a food additive, since it still has not been approved by the FDA for that type of use. CBD oil has become incredibly popular with Maine residents who are able to buy CBD products in retail locations as well as online. Thanks in part to Maine’s legalization of marijuana in 2016, residents are not only able to purchase industrial hemp CBD, which gives the user no psychoactive effects, but can also purchase the more potent marijuana-derived CBD, of which often comes with a THC concentration upwards of 10%, compared to the 0.3% that industrial hemp CBD contains.

History of Industrial Hemp in Maine

Because Maine was one of the early adapters to accepting medical marijuana reform statewide, the hemp industry has gotten a bit of a head start here over other states. Since 2009, Maine’s laws have allowed its farmers to grow industrial hemp. Prior to the 1937 passage of the Marihuana Tax Act that effectively ended the hemp industry across the nation, over 150,000 acres of Maine farmland were in use to grow industrial hemp as a part of the USDA’s “Hemp for Victory” program during the early stages of World War Two. Hemp was a staple crop in all of the 13 original colonies, as there was a significant need for the fibers from the plant, both domestically and overseas in England. The fibers were traditionally used to make textiles for bags and clothing, as well as ropes and sails for shipbuilding, amongst nearly hundreds of other recorded uses. With the passage of the Farm Bills of 2014 and 2018 that have given states the green light to begin cultivating hemp again, farmers in Maine look to the future to see how this old-school crop can bring in new school money as the CBD boom pushes forward.

Where Can I Buy CBD Oil In Maine?

Maine’s residents and visitors can purchase CBD at one of the state’s licensed marijuana dispensaries, vape shops, health stores, convenience stores, and even in many gas stations.

Do You Need a Prescription for CBD in Maine?

Buying CBD oil is quite simple in Maine when compared to other states where doctor’s recommendations have to be given to purchase the compound. Thanks to the Maine Marijuana Legalization Act, all marijuana and cannabis-derived products are able to be purchased throughout the state without the need of a prescription or medical marijuana license.

Buy CBD Oil Online in Maine

Many Maine residents have found that the ideal way to purchase their CBD products is to order from an online retailer like Vermont Hemp Health. Buying online direct from the manufacturer ensures that you know exactly what you are getting and that it’s coming straight from the source- with no fancy marketing or packaging to hide a low dosage. Vermont Hemp Health utilizes a third party lab testing group to ensure that each batch of CBD oil that we extract, using our Whole Flower technique, delivers a consistent and reliable dose every time you’re looking for the relief and comfort that our CBD oil is known to provide. Shop online or contact us today for more information about our CBD products and how they can help you!