Is CBD Legal in Louisiana?

The residents of Louisiana have found many health related benefits from the purchase and use of CBD hemp oil. Through trusted suppliers of these products, like Vermont Help Health, many have made the CBD journey a positive one with products that derive CBD from industrial hemp.

Is CBD Legal in Louisiana?

Yes, CBD is legal in Louisiana. House Bill 491, passed in June of 2019, permitted the sale of hemp and hemp-related products. Louisiana has seen progress when it comes to cannabis related legislation, with medical marijuana being passed in 2015 with ACT 261. The federal government legalizing the research and cultivation of hemp through the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill, and Louisiana worked quickly to amend their current laws to make CBD products with a THC concentration less that 0.3% readily available to its residents. The Farm Bill gave individual states the right to govern industrial hemp related laws along with requirements to purchase and possess CBD.

History of Industrial Hemp in the United States

Hemp was grown throughout the history of the U.S. until 1958, when legislation and a huge tax was imposed on the plant, stifling growth and making the possession of hemp a crime. Top publications at the time cited hemp as a versatile textile with plenty of uses. The production of hemp could have helped with deforestation, as it takes a 1/4th of the land to produce the same amount of hemp paper, as it would by using tree pulp. Hemp farmers were exempt from military duty in World War II due to the need for the plant to continue to produce textiles and other products to support the wartime efforts.

The most unfortunate aspect of hemp is that it was criminalized with the 1970 Controlled Substances Act. This Act was aimed specifically at marijuana, but criminalized all other forms of cannabis, which hemp falls under. Under the new Farm Bill laws and House Bill 491, Louisiana farmers will soon be able to take part in a hemp cultivation program, pending approval from the US Agriculture Department.

Industrial Hemp Legislation

The Farm Bill in 2018 being passed was far passed due as many states had been calling for hemp legislation, for both medicinal, industrial, and research purposes. Since industrial hemp contains non-detectable amounts of THC, the decision was made on a national level to formally lift the ban on industrial hemp cultivation. Currently, many states have programs that allow for the cultivation, manufacturing, and sale of hemp and hemp derived products, with many more that have legislation on the way.

CBD Products Available Without a Prescription

Louisiana’s recent passage of House Bill 491 aims to take advantage of a plant, industrial hemp, that hasn’t been grown in Louisiana since the 1930s. By lifting the ban on the cultivation and sale of hemp-derived products, Louisiana residents can easily purchase CBD without the need for a doctor’s note or prescription. Vermont Hemp Health’s entire product line is available to be shipped to Louisiana, and will arrive at your door quickly and discreetly. In a state that just recently lifted the ban on CBD products, there is always a risk of purchasing from a brand that rushed to be first to market and is delivering a mediocre product. With Vermont Hemp Health, you are rest assured that each batch of our CBD oil is lab tested by a 3rd party lab to make sure that we are delivering a high quality, effective product to each of our very satisfied customers.

Buying CBD Hemp Oil in Louisiana

The quality of CBD products can vary greatly, so it’s important to research the company or manufacturer that produces the CBD product you’re looking to purchase. A trusted supplier like Vermont Hemp Health ensures that all of its products contain pure CBD at a volume ranging from 15 to 23% in all of its products. Whether you purchase online from Vermont Hemp Health, or want to visit a local shop to sample products before purchasing, be sure to follow dosage guidelines as different products may contain significantly different levels of CBD. CBD can change your life so make sure you give it a real shot by trying high quality products.