Many people don’t know that the whole flower of the CBD plant is where the most potent medicine is. Our whole flower CBD is not like any other product available. It can change your life in a more consistent and positive way. Learn more about Whole Flower CBD and how it can help you in so many different ways by comparison to other products

Whole Flower CBD

Whole flower CBD is everything you want and need. It is the base line for a quality CBD product. All the good stuff is held on the flower which is why we only source from it.

Full-Spectrum CBD

Full-spectrum CBD is made from the entire cannabis plant - stalks, stems, seeds, and well everything. Gross!

Isolate CBD

The major disadvantage of using isolate CBD is it does not deliver the enhanced benefits of the entire cannabis plant.

Broad Spectrum CBD

There is very little research and availability for this type of CBD and it may have a strong unpleasant odor. Would you ingest something with little research on its benefits or dangers? We wouldn’t.

Endocannabinoid System

The “endocannabinoid system” sounds complicated – but how it interacts with CBD is actually very interesting! The endocannabinoid system is basically the incentive for all the various benefits of CBD. For you to completely comprehend how your body receives the entire range of CBD benefits, you must understand the full function of your endocannabinoid system. Brace yourself to learn something new!

It’s CBD From Whole Flowers

Whole Flower CBD Products

Cherry Wine CBD Oil

Whole Flower CBD

CBD Lotion

BaOx CBD Oil

Frequently Asked Questions

One of the key differences between CBD and THC is whether or not the cannabinoid will cause a euphoric effect, or “high,” when consumed. The answer? NO you can NOT get high from CBD.
CBD has little affinity for the two cannabinoid receptors CB1 and CB2. Instead, it acts as an indirect antagonist of cannabinoid agonists.
This not only means that CBD can never cause a high, no matter how much is consumed, but that it also acts to suppress the CB1-activating qualities of compounds like THC. In other words it is the only thing can can make you become un-high from THC.

NO! You will not get high with CBD. CBD oil does not contain the psychoactive properties of THC and does not get you high.

Yes! CBD is legal to ship in all 50 states as long as it is tested under .3% THC.
Companies that comply with the 2014 Farm Bill can ship their products anywhere in the United States. This is the bill that differentiates marijuana from industrial hemp and permits the cultivation of hemp within the United States.
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