Is CBD Legal in Kansas?

Residents of Kansas have been waiting for CBD hemp oil to be legalized, and their day finally came in 2018. This ruling allows for cultivation of industrial hemp and CBD to be legalized by changing the language of the state’s law on marijuana. With its agricultural stronghold on the Midwest, Kansas has seen great potential in growing hemp for a variety of products. The state is also looking into starting a research program through their state universities to learn further about the potentials of industrial hemp.

Is CBD Legal in Kansas?

Senate Bill 282 was passed in 2018, which legalized CBD for possession, sale, and use in Kansas. Kansas was one of five states that started moving forward by passing a bill that would allow for hemp research, as well as, test cultivation programs.

Is CBD Oil Legal in the U.S.?

Yes, CBD and it’s derived products are legal in the US, but it is up to each individual state to enforce laws, or make the decision to start research and cultivation programs. The Agricultural Act of 2014 stated the rights for states to make the choice on CBD and industrial hemp, citing the economic and societal impacts it could have.

Modern Hemp Legislation

Most importantly, the Farm Bill of 2018, signed by President Donald Trump, defines industrial hemp as any cannabis plant, or derivative of such plant, which contains less than 0.3% THC by dry weight. THC is the psychotropic compound that produces the “high” synonymous with marijuana. In trace amounts of less than 1% by dry weight, the user will not experience the effects of THC. This means that hemp-derived products that Vermont Hemp Health produces are not considered controlled substances by the federal government. The law leaves the regulation of CBD products and industrial hemp growing and production to the individual states, including Vermont, which is where Vermont Hemp Health’s products are grown and produced, permits this cultivation.

Industrial Hemp in Kansas

Hemp has been used on the North American continent since 1645, with it flourishing during the infancy of the U.S. for hundreds of years. During World War II, it was seen as an essential crop to continue to farm at high levels. Unfortunately for hemp farmers, the federal government thanked them for allocating their crops to hemp by taxing it heavily and decimating the industry in 1958.

Currently, there are over 5,000 acres throughout Kansas that have been permitted for industrial hemp production. Since soybeans, Kansas’ most cultivated crop, have fallen victim to the current administration’s trade war – hemp farming is being welcomed as a viable alternative to help Kansas’ farmers in business and producing on their land.

Qualities of Hemp

Hemp extracts of all kinds are finding favor with the public; with CBD taking the main stage of extracts hemp has to offer. Once a user takes CBD, it works within the endocannabinoid system, which acts as a regulatory system within the body, to help maintain homeostasis within vital organs. Hemp can also produce more biomass fuel than any other plant per acre with no CO2 emissions added to the atmosphere.

Vermont Hemp Health utilizes a technique called “whole flower CBD”, where we use the flowers of high-end hemp strains like Cherry Wine, Cobbler, and BaOX. From seed to capsule, the plants are under our team’s watchful eye, ensuring that you’ll be receiving a CBD product that consistently delivers a CBD concentration of 15 to 26%.

Where Can I Buy CBD Hemp Oil in Kansas?

Online vendors like Vermont Hemp Health can be trusted to produce only the highest quality CBD oils, capsules, and lotions. Take time to look up trusted brands in the CBD niche as there are simply some that do not provide quality CBD, or mislead customers about how much CBD is actually included in their product. Companies that have lab testing should go to the top of a consumer’s list as these blind tests are put in place to ensure quality. Try out a few different CBD products whether they are oils or lotions or even edibles as consumption method preferences differ for each individual.