Is CBD Legal in Iowa?

CBD oil is widely available in Iowa and can be purchased at various retail stores, as well as, trusted online companies, such as Vermont Hemp Health. The products are in a grey area legally so there is a line to walk with this. CBD is derived from industrial hemp, which this type of cannabis has little to no THC content. This has led to less of a debate in many states as the fact that industrial hemp cannot get a person high. Non-detectable THC is CBD products is important for those people that want to enjoy CBD, but have a job that they have to adhere to random drug tests. National legislation requires CBD products to contain less than .3% THC, which CBD products in the state do follow, but the legal status is unclear due to the language used to define marijuana products in Iowa law. With this being the case there are plenty of questions about CBD that will be addressed such as the exact laws governing CBD in Iowa, as well as where you can purchase CBD oil in Iowa.

Is CBD Legal in Iowa?

As of early 2019, CBD is not legal in Iowa, although there are plans in place, pending USDA approval, to deregulate the purchase and possession of CBD products in the state. Iowa has a plethora of shops that are selling CBD related products in an unregulated way. The Iowa law dictates that Schedule 1 controlled substances include every compound of the cannabis family. Even law enforcement thinks the law is confusing, and will be interesting to see how it is enforced or not enforced in particular areas. Iowa itself has passed the Iowa Hemp Act, which legalized the production of hemp with THC levels below 0.3%, but this still leaves a grey area surrounding selling and possessing CBD in the state.

Legislation Across The Country

CBD is a non-psychoactive chemical compound found in cannabis that has countless benefits with very few, if any, drawbacks from consumption. The Farm Bill passing in 2018 helped industrial hemp surge again, making it legal to produce the plant, so long as it contained less than 0.3% THC by weight. Most CBD supporters saw this as a door opening towards being able to commercially produce and sell CBD oils, lotions, and various other products. The problem that the Farm Bill presented for residents in Iowa is that the bill left the regulation of CBD products in the hands of each individual state. Since Iowa previously had laws on the books that considered every compound of cannabis a Schedule 1 Drug, those laws remained the same.

Benefits of Growing Industrial Hemp

Industrial hemp is being revived after years of legal issues along with heavy taxes in the mid-1900’s that crippled the industry. The federal law now states that any state can grow hemp if they choose to do so. The stabilization of income that hemp offers is something that farmers can rely on as a cash crop nationwide. In states where growing industrial hemp has been encouraged, farmers are finding dozens of uses for hemp related products, from utilizing the fibers for rope and cloth products, food products, and of course, CBD based products.

Iowa, being an agriculturally based state, has seen massive farming efforts in the past, which has led to contamination of soil from pesticides and fertilizers, as well as, the depletion of nutrients in the soil from intensive crop cycles. Industrial hemp helps solves both of these issues as it decontaminates soil, and is a perfect crop to cycle in order to keep soil nutrient levels high!

Where Can I Buy CBD Oil in Iowa?

The unclear legal standing of CBD in Iowa has not hindered consumers from buying all types of products that are CBD related. Established companies like Vermont Hemp Health, are leaders in the CBD niche and can be trusted to deliver a quality product consistently. In the coming years, legislation will clear up the language used in Iowa drug laws in order to allow people to purchase CBD without being fearful in any capacity.