Is CBD Legal in Illinois?

CBD oil is available both online and in retail locations in Illinois depending on the variety of CBD products you’re looking to purchase. The best online brands, like Vermont Hemp Health pride themselves on the highest quality of CBD, designed to provide customers with a maximum range of benefits. CBD is derived from industrial hemp, which has gained popularity again after the Farm Act of 2014 with the state already having hemp cultivation programs.

Is CBD Legal in Illinois?

CBD is legal in Illinois, and also is legal for purchase throughout the United States. The plant that CBD is extracted from, industrial hemp, produces federally permitted levels of THC, which makes it non-psychoactive. The regulations throughout the country include maximum THC levels for industrial hemp and can vary from state to state. This has led to a variety of cultivators, as well as, companies coming out with products that are completely THC-free, or contain just a bit of THC, right at the permitted threshold, to be sold throughout the country.

Hemp in Illinois: A History Lesson

During World War II, farmers in Illinois and across the country were encouraged to grow hemp with a campaign they named “Hemp For Victory”. The right climate and rich soil made Illinois a great producer of hemp, as well as, other hemp-related products. The University of Illinois published an article stating more hemp needed to be grown to fill a growing need for it pertaining to the war. In the Pacific, there had been a shortage due to a low supply of strong fibers that had been previously been imported to the U.S. from that area of the world. Hemp was used to make ropes, threads, and other durable cordage.

In July of 2015, the Industrial Hemp Pilot Program was formed with the goal of allowing institutions of higher learning to research and cultivate for research purposes. In 2018, the Farm Act was signed by President Donald Trump, which removed certain products that were produced from industrial hemp from the Schedule 1 of the Controlled Substances Act, so long as the THC content of the products was no greater than 0.3%.

Buying CBD Hemp Oil In Illinois

In 2019, the state legislature of Illinois approved recreation marijuana for adults, making it the first state in the United Stated to pass this type of law without the use of voter referendum. Since the state is moving towards being friendly to the Cannabis plant, buying CBD oil is very easy, and will continue to become easier, as there is no prescription needed for purchase. Retail and online options are available to consumers, but it is important to choose a reputable company’s product. Vermont Hemp Health is a great example of a company that provides customers with CBD oils, capsules, topicals and other products that are tested by a 3rd party lab to ensure accurate dosages and CBD concentration. These products contain certain doses of CBD depending on an individual’s dosing needs. These CBD products work with the endocannabinoid system to help deliver relief throughout the body and brain. A CBD supplement can be added to a healthy diet in order for maximum benefit.

Purchasing CBD Online from Vermont Hemp Health

Picking the first product you find can be a recipe for disaster, as quality differs immensely between companies when it comes to CBD. Trust those products that have been lab-tested and developed by only the highest quality chemists and pharmacists around. Doing a bit of research on how CBD can help you is important, as taking CBD for specific ailments simply may not deliver the desired results. Studies have found that users suffering from anxiety disorders have seen great relief with CBD. Also for individuals who suffer from joint pain and migraines can benefit from CBD products. While CBD might not cure all your ailments, it could go a long way in managing the pain and inflammation.