Is CBD Legal in Hawaii?

Hawaii is one of the trendsetters in medical cannabis legislation and is a huge consumer, as well as producer, of CBD products. In fact, Hawaii has been proposing industrial hemp bills for nearly two decades. For any questions about buying or the legal aspects of CBD oil in Hawaii continue reading.

How to Buy CBD in Hawaii

CBD can be bought in any retail store or online, without limitation, in the state of Hawaii. There are many products available from topical creams, capsules, and oils, or even edible CBD supplements. No prescription is required to purchase CBD products for yourself. CBD laws in Hawaii are very relaxed, where you can even purchase CBD products for your pets, as CBD also has been found to be beneficial for animals, just in a much lesser dosage than what a human can take. CBD is derived through an extraction process that uses industrial hemp. This variety of hemp has little to no THC present, so low that there is not enough to evoke a psychoactive response by a human or get them “high”. National laws put in place by the Federal Government in 2014 placed the onus in the hands of each State to dictate and regulate the production and use of industrial hemp within the state’s borders.

Hawaii’s Progressive Stance on Hemp

Hawaii was one of the first states to propose and pass pro-hemp laws, as the Rainbow State’s movement began in the early 1990s. Hemp legislation came about again in the late 1990s even though hemp had been growing on the Hawaiian Islands for hundreds of years. In 1958, a large tax put hemp-based companies out of business. In 1999, a house bill was passed that allowed for research to be done on industrial hemp and cultivation for these purposes. Hawaii was not done, as the next year, in 2000, the state became one of the pioneers and first states to legalize medical marijuana. The state did have delays in getting medical programs off of the ground but eventually, this happened, opening the door not only for medical marijuana production but also for legal CBD products to be produced in the state.

The 2014 Farm Act that President Obama signed helped encourage states to grow industrial hemp. After this, Hawaii followed suit with Senate Bill 2175 that was signed by then-Governor Neil Abercrombie which confirmed the interest of Hawaii in growing/researching the plant. The governor cited the environmental, as well as economic, benefits of industrial hemp in his decision.

Buying CBD In Hawaii

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