Is CBD Legal in Georgia?

When Georgia residents are looking for CBD hemp oil, all they have to is visit a retail store or simply browse for products online. Georgia’s CBD Oil laws allow for CBD products to be sold at stores in the state, and also shipped to customers through the mail. High-quality CBD manufacturers, brands like Vermont Hemp Health, are where those new to CBD should start, as properly extracted CBD that isn’t masked with flavors or smells is what will deliver the most potent dose and provide the most relief.

Industrial Hemp History in Georgia

For Georgia residents, it is permitted to purchase and possess CBD without any limitations, like that of a prescription. CBD is a compound that is derived from industrial hemp, and in 2014, the passage of the Farm and Agricultural Act allowed for the cultivation of this type of hemp after being signed into law by President Obama. Industrial hemp differs from it’s closest relative, marijuana, as it contains only trace amounts of THC, the psychoactive compound that gets users “high” when ingested. There are still restrictions on marijuana in Georgia.

Rep. John Pezold stated that industrial hemp is not marijuana, and therefore, shouldn’t be a controversy at all. The benefits are vast and the negative aspects of cultivating/researching this plant are difficult to find. State Rep. James Beverly noted that expanding medical marijuana and the cultivation of industrial hemp takes the state closer to full legalization, a path that many states in the country have taken as the laws surrounding Cannabis continues to be reexamined.

History Of Hemp in Georgia

Hemp was brought to New England in the 1600s by early settlers and was a popular crop throughout the colonies. Hemp continued to be grown over the next three decades, until the mid-1950s, when the Government imposed a series of taxes on the plant. Georgia, being one of the countries oldest agriculturally focused states, has a rich history with hemp, as it was made to make clothes and other items. Hemp even helped during World War II as the government asked Georgia to dedicate large amounts of acreage for it be grown on to be used in textile production to support wartime efforts. The production of hemp came to a halt until 2014, when States were permitted to create their own legislation overseeing the growth of the crop again.

Where Can I Buy CBD Hemp Oil In Georgia?

CBD products can be purchased at a variety of stores throughout the state of Georgia, as it’s manufacture and resells are legal. While you may be able to find a bottle of CBD oil at your local vapor shop, gas station, or health store, it’s important for would-be customers to do their due diligence and research the products and brands before making a purchase of CBD oil. Because the market is so new, there are many brands and products available that are made from low-quality CBD or contain minimal amounts of the healing compound. A trusted manufacturer, like Vermont Hemp Health, will not only be completely transparent with their entire production process, the bit will also regularly release 3rd party laboratory test results that show consumers exactly what the chemical makeup of their products is.

Purchasing CBD Online from Vermont Hemp Health

CBD, much like any other product you’d buy online, should only be purchased from a trusted vendor. Vermont Hemp Health provides some of the highest quality CBD in forms that are convenient to take or apply. Your life could be changed for the better by CBD when you find the right dosage and delivery method, as this differs for everyone. All purchases from Vermont Hemp Health are eligible to be shipped to Georgia customers in a speedy and discreet manner. We aim to deliver a quality product to each and every customer who chooses Vermont Hemp Health. Contact Vermont Hemp Health today to learn more, we would love to chat!