Is CBD Legal in Florida?

CBD can be purchased online, in retail locations and even in gas stations in the state of Florida. With a large population of residents aged 55 and up, there are a variety of benefits that Floridians reap from using CBD oil. Florida has already passed legislation that actually allows the use of CBD, as well as permitting the production of industrial hemp, from which CBD is derived from. Top companies like Vermont Hemp Health offer online purchase options and speedy delivery to Florida, ensuring that you’ll have your hands on some of the highest quality CBD products available.

Industrial Hemp History in Florida

The 2014 Farm Bill, signed by President Obama, allowed states to individually permit and control the cultivation and research of industrial hemp, in an effort to bolster the US’ fading agricultural infrastructure. Selling hemp-based products like CBD oil can be done across state lines, as long as state laws permit. Retail stores throughout Florida are beginning to carry CBD products at a higher rate than ever due to its high demand!

In 2017, Florida passed Senate Bill 1726 which launched industrial hemp test projects, with Senator Bill Nelson leading the charge both towards legal CBD products, as well as decriminalizing marijuana within the state. Florida, which is another state that permits medical marijuana, seems to be leaning towards full legalization due in part to the benefits of hemp overall and the booming popularity of CBD in the state since the Bill’s passage.

Modern Industrial Hemp in Florida

Shortly after the 2014 Farm Bill was passed, Florida passed Senate Bill 1030. This bill allowed for the research of CBD production and extraction, as well as the growing and manufacture ring of low-THC hemp, with levels less than .8%. THC is the psychoactive compound found in marijuana. In industrial hemp, THC levels are so low, if they are even present at all, that users do not experience the psychoactive properties of the chemical.

The History of Industrial Hemp in Florida

Industrial hemp was given acclaim in Popular Mechanic Magazine for its wide range of uses. It’s popularity as a cash crop was not lost on Florida, who grew hemp within the state until 1957. Florida could experience a large economic impact with the reintroduction of industrial hemp, as the state has expansive farmlands, fertile soil, and a climate that can support industrial hemp growth year-round.

Choosing A Great CBD Company/Brand

Going through extensive customer reviews as well as asking a brand directly about their CBD extraction process can provide quite a bit of clarity to a consumer. Asking about trace THC levels and other pertinent questions will be answered by quality brands, while less than average companies will dodge these questions. Vermont Hemp Health is a great example of a company that places the customer first by providing affordable high-quality CBD-based products that are backed with 3rd party laboratory tests, ensuring that each patch of CBD product contains exactly what is advertised.

Buying CBD Online

Most consumers want to buy their CBD online, even though it is legal in Florida. Buying CBD online in Florida provides customers with the greatest selection of products, and the ability to research a number of companies to find the exact type of CBD product that will best serve them. While shops may carry a few select brands of CBD, it’s impossible to know about the manufacturing and extraction techniques just by looking at the packaging. Vermont Hemp Health’s whole flower CBD is a unique technique that utilizes only the best parts of the hemp plant, the flower, which ensures that each run of CBD oil contains the maximum amount of CBD. CBD could change your lives Floridians, so take a look at how quality brands like Vermont Hemp Health can help you! Contact Vermont Hemp Health today to learn more, we would love to chat!