Is CBD Legal in Delaware?

The great state of Delaware and its residents can legally purchase CBD products, as long as they are extracted from industrial hemp. CBD has many forms including, oils, edibles, and even lotions that you can find at many retail stores. In Delaware, online purchase of CBD is also legal and very popular, as it gives a far wider array of products for sale. The questions of legality, where CBD comes from, and where the best CBD in Delaware can be found will be answered below.

Is CBD Legal in Delaware?

There is no requirement to have a prescription to buy CBD in a store or online due to President Obama passing the 2014 Farm Bill. The Farm Bill permitted all states to cultivate industrial hemp. Hemp and industrial hemp differ in the amounts of THC that are detected in each. Industrial hemp has THC levels lower than 0.3%, while hemp can contain levels up to 28% THC. The Federal Government made industrial hemp cultivation legal due to its benefits economically, and without containing THC. This type of hemp has no psychoactive properties, meaning the user cannot get “high” from consuming it. Top companies like Vermont Hemp Health produce the highest quality CBD products that can be used for a variety of benefits.

Industrial Hemp and Delaware

House Bill 385 was passed allowing universities and higher learning institutions to grow and cultivate industrial hemp for research purposes.

Hemp has been grown in the U.S. for hundreds of years, even before the country was first settled in the 1600s. Hemp thrived as a cash crop in the United States until it began to be taxed immensely in the mid-1900’s, which severely stifled production. Hemp, along with its economic benefits, has been realized by more than 30 states that have introduced hemp-related legislation. Hemp has been used to produce paper, clothing, food, and much more in its earliest uses. Growing hemp can help decontaminate fields after the use of pesticides and restore nutrients in the soil that many other crops deplete during the growing process, which makes industrial hemp a perfect rotation crop.

Delaware Decriminalizes Marijuana

In December of 2015, marijuana was decriminalized in Delaware for the possession of under an ounce of marijuana when Governor Jack Markell signed House Bill 39. The spokesperson for the Governor release a statement that highlighted the desire of the Governor for criminal justice reform and reducing the number of people in the system for marijuana, as resources could be used in more effective ways.

Buying CBD Hemp Oil in Delaware

Buying CBD is as easy as visiting Vermont Hemp Health online and looking for the product you believe would work for you. Going to a retail store is an option, but when shopping for CBD products online, questions can be asked directly to the company instead of a sales associate, who is not familiar with the growing or extraction process. CBD comes in many forms, so whether you want an oil to take before bed that provides relaxation or a topical cream to use in the morning that helps to reduce inflammation in your muscles and joints, they are available widely. Taking a proactive approach to doing the research on specific products, as well as, brands is extremely important. The CBD market is full of inferior products that are not always the highest quality, so be sure to look at customer reviews and information that the manufacturer provides on the growing process, 3rd party lab tests on the purity, and concentration of the CBD in their products. Choose a CBD company such as Vermont Hemp Health, that has a hand in every step of the process, from hemp seed all the way to extraction.