Is CBD Legal in Connecticut?

There is a national surge of people buying CBD oil and related products, and the residents of Connecticut being no different. Industrial hemp and CBD are prevalent throughout Connecticut, but there are some wondering where to buy it, whether it is legal, and what exactly is it? These questions, along with additional information, will be provided in the following sections.

Is CBD Legal in Connecticut?

House Bill 5780 was signed by Governor Daniel Malloy to legalize industrial hemp and to ensure it is kept it off of the controlled substance list in Connecticut’s laws, making CBD legal in Connecticut. The expansive access to industrial hemp-based products is so large due to the different ways hemp can be used from fuel, clothing, and providing CBD. CBD can be used for a variety of reasons including your pets health benefitting from the Cannabidiol, which is the main element contained in CBD oil and related products.

Industrial Hemp Legalization in Connecticut

CBD products can be bought nearly anywhere that carries them and you do not need to see a doctor for a prescription. CBD oils are over-the-counter products and there is no need for a doctor’s prescription. This also applies to the many types of CBD products available on the market. CBD is directly linked with the endocannabinoid system, which occurs naturally in all humans. This system works in harmony with other systems to help regulate homeostasis in the body, as well as the mind. In holistic medicine circles, CBD and the benefits that Cannabidiol can provide the body have been widely accepted and circulated for many years.

Where Can I Buy CBD Hemp Oil in Connecticut?

CBD hemp oil can be found at retail stores, as well as, online, as long as the CBD is extracted from industrial hemp as per Federal regulations. These hemp plants do not contain THC, the chemical that has psychoactive effects on the brain. Make sure to look into brands that take quality and purity of their CBD product seriously, as you want the highest quality CBD possible. Vermont Hemp Health provides this quality in its lotions, oils, and capsules.

The importance of research when buying CBD online cannot be stressed enough. Trusting brands like Vermont Hemp Health is important, as lower quality brands might not deliver the relief you desire, or the amount of CBD that you are expecting to receive for the money. The purest CBD extracts not only deliver the most value, but also the most therapeutic results. Brands that also do lab testing should also be considered closely as these are usually blind tests performed by a 3rd party to ensure that their manufacturing processes are delivering a quality of product that is on par with what the company advertises.