Is CBD Legal in Colorado?

CBD is a known and widely used compound used by those in Colorado for years. Colorado was the first state to legalize recreational Cannabis, and along with that legalization came the cultivation and production of CBD products, which are derived from industrial hemp, a close relative to the Cannabis plant. Laws surrounding CBD in Colorado continue to be one of the most progressive and liberal in the nation. With questions like where to buy or what to buy in terms of CBD, we will discuss these questions and more below. Purchasing CBD oil is legal throughout the state of Colorado, whether it is in a retail store or from a trusted brand online like Vermont Hemp Health. CBD is derived through an extraction process of the industrial hemp plant, which is part of the Cannabis Sativa L species. Colorado has led the way in the hemp movement, as well as, research on other hemp-based products, making it an incredible CBD-friendly state.

Is CBD Legal in Colorado?

Colorado lawmakers have already passed very pro-CBD laws, due to its stance on Cannabis in general. Industrial hemp is a variety of cannabis that does not contain THC, which is the psychoactive chemical responsible for people feeling “high.” Since the state’s recreational Cannabis tolerance is very high, there are no limits on what type of Cannabis an adult can buy in the state of Colorado. It is not uncommon to find CBD products that are extracted from other types of hemp that also contain THC throughout the state. For those that are drug tested for work, using a reliable company that uses industrial hemp that has no trace levels of THC is imperative, so purchasing CBD from a company like Vermont Hemp Health is essential.

Colorado Hemp Laws and Legislation

Colorado is the most forward-thinking state when it comes to hemp, as Colorado proposed the first modern piece of hemp legislation in the country. Senator Lloyd Casey proposed Senate Bill 132 in 1995, stating hemp production and use was in the best interest of the state. In 2010, House Joint Resolution 10-1027 was enacted, which allowed for the cultivation and production of hemp within the state of Colorado. The use of Cannabis has been legal in Colorado since 2012, with recreational marijuana usage and sales being legal, as well. Legal marijuana in Colorado can contain THC content of up to 28%, which is an incredibly potent product when compared to the Federal maximum allowable limit of .3% for hemp to be considered for industrial use.

The 2014 Farm Bill enacted by the Federal Government stated hemp was a viable crop. This is nearly two decades after Colorado began passing laws to change its legislation. The growth of industrial hemp also helps others in the production of other crops, as it decontaminates soil and has a fast-growing cycle. Governor John Hickenlooper signed pieces of hemp legislation as early as 2012 and as recent as 2017. Hickenlooper stated that “hemp is a very versatile product with a lot of uses,” and has said the plant “has a great future in Colorado.” As the state continues to show tremendous support for the plant, Colorado residents can safely enjoy CBD products in all of their preparations, from CBD Gummy Bears to CBD Pain Cream.

Buying CBD Oil in Colorado

Purchasing CBD can be done online from a trusted retailer or at a store. Vermont Hemp Health is the perfect example of a company that provides top quality products with the consumer’s best interest in mind. CBD can be bought without a prescription and can help balance the endocannabinoid system, which helps the immune system regulate itself. Start taking a proactive approach to seeing how CBD dosing can help improve your daily quality of life. Contact Vermont Hemp Health today to learn more, we would love to chat!