Is CBD Legal in California?

CBD Hemp Oil has been legal for more than 20 years in the city of Los Angeles, California. CBD oil is now available to all residents, whether the products come in the oil form, lotions, and topicals, or edible form. Not only can these be purchased online at Vermont Hemp Health, but there are also multiple retail stores that carry CBD products. California has also legalized recreational marijuana, which has given the production and sale of CBD products a huge boost in availability and innovation. For those with questions on CBD in California, they will be answered below.

Is CBD Legal in California?

CBD products can be bought in stores or online anywhere in California without the need for a prescription. CBD is a compound that is extracted from industrial hemp, a crop that recently has been legalized federally to grow by the Farm Bill of 2014, signed by President Obama.

What is industrial hemp? To put it simply, it is a strain of hemp plant known as Cannabis Sativa L. The low THC content is the large difference between industrial hemp and its psychoactive relatives. The incredibly low THC levels do not produce psychoactive effects when consumed, thus allowing users to enjoy the benefits of Cannabidiol without the “high.” As a result from California’s relaxed laws on Cannabis production, it’s not uncommon to find CBD products that have been derived from plants other than industrial cannabis, allowing for adults to choose from a wide spectrum of CBD products that may or may not contain THC, giving them full control over how they choose to medicate. However, all CBD products produced and sold by Vermont Hemp Health meet the Federal requirements to be produced only from industrial hemp, using an extraction technique we refer to as “whole flower CBD.”

California and Industrial Hemp History

Senator Mark Leno helped pass Senate Bill 676, which allowed farmers to grow industrial hemp for a variety of reasons. The Senator saw the bill as a huge leap into the future in terms of the hemp industry in the Golden State. Prior to the passage of the Bill, hemp-related products were being imported from other countries, while growing and producing them in California was seen as an opportunity to stimulate the state’s economy. Prop 64 allows for residents to use and cultivate Cannabis or marijuana with recreational sale being available in 2018.

CBD is not the only positive aspect of cultivating industrial hemp, as this crop can be used for a multitude of things including, durable textiles, fuel, recipes, plus more. There are over 30 states currently growing industrial hemp, and the list appears to be ripe to continue to grow.

Where To Buy CBD Products In California?

Buying CBD is extremely easy in California, as it is available in grocery stores, gas stations, dispensaries, and online. In fact, it’s not uncommon to find California residents purchasing CBD products for their four-legged friends, since CBD has shown to be beneficial for pets that have different health issues. Trust only the companies that put pride in the extraction process of their CBD to deliver a quality product like Vermont Hemp Health. Companies that are very transparent about the way that they extract the CBD from the industrial hemp are ones to purchase from. This can help guarantee that dosages are going to be consistent from one purchase to the next. California is at the forefront of all things hemp-related due to its relaxed laws on Cannabis. There is so much information about the different benefits online that you would be doing yourself a disservice to not see how CBD could potentially help you today! Contact Vermont Hemp Health today to learn more, we would love to chat!