Is CBD Legal in Arkansas?

CBD is legal in Arkansas, where residents have the ability to purchase it online or in stores from manufacturers such as Vermont Hemp Health. Between the deregulation of industrial hemp by the 2014 Farm Bill on a Federal level, and ACT 981, passed in Arkansas in 2017, CBD has become a widely accepted product throughout the Razorback State. With the large economic impact that agriculture has on Arkansas, there is great incentive for the state to encourage the cultivation of industrial hemp – the plant from which CBD is extracted from.

History of Industrial Hemp in Arkansas

In the early 1900s, farmers in Arkansas began growing hemp as they saw its versatility. In the 1930s, Popular Mechanic Magazine was quoted that hemp could be used “to produce more than 5,000 textile products, ranging from rope to fine laces.” Hemp’s usefulness as a cash crop came to a head during World War Two, where hundreds of thousands of acres of it were planted throughout Arkansas and across the nation to be used to support manufacturing during the wartime efforts.

The 2014 Farm Bill being passed by the Federal Government opened up cultivation efforts in Arkansas. In 2017, Arkansas voted ACT 981 into law, which allowed for an in-depth investigation of the use of hemp as a source for fuel, paper, plastics, and even cloth within the state. The different forms of hemp products are now readily available to consumers at local supermarkets, as there are a variety of hemp-based food products. While these do not contain CBD, they make for a nutritious addition to your daily diet.

Where Can I Buy CBD Hemp Oil in Arkansas?

Arkansas residents are able to purchase CBD in many physical retail locations, and can also order it from online CBD manufacturers. All CBD products sold to Arkansas residents by Vermont Hemp Health are quickly and discreetly shipped. CBD edibles are more commonly purchased online along with lotions. Vermont Hemp Health prides itself on delivering some of the highest quality of CBD derived from “whole flower extraction” so users can maximize relief and benefits offered from CBD.

You Can Buy CBD Without a Prescription

In Arkansas, CBD products do not need to be prescribed. Industrial hemp is a variety of a hemp plant with essentially non-detectable THC. The fact that CBD does not have any psychoactive properties makes it safe for anyone to use, ranging from adults to children, and even your four-legged friends!

Buy CBD Oil Online in Arkansas

Whether it is lotions, capsules, or taking CBD orally, Vermont Hemp Health CBD is extracted with the greatest care. We produce high-quality CBD products that can be used to treat countless ailments, ranging from skin conditions to seizures. Shop online, or contact us, so we can help you find the best CBD product for you!