Is CBD Legal in Arizona?

CBD has made its way into the mainstream in the State of Arizona, with the compound being available for purchase at CBD-related businesses, health food stores, supplement stores, and shops that offer vape products. Online stores, like Vermont Hemp Health, offer a vast amount of options with the ability to look up reviews and learn more about where your CBD product comes from and how it was derived from the hemp plant. Arizona lawmakers have already welcomed the uses of hemp for medical reasons, giving CBD the open door to becoming a new juggernaut in the supplement and alternative medicine market throughout the state.

Can I Buy CBD in Arizona?

Proposition 203 in Arizona was a medical marijuana bill passed in 2010 that allowed for more research into Cannabis and hemp and it’s potential to help patients living in Arizona that wanted to utilize an alternative to prescription drugs. The passage of Proposition 203 provided Arizona residents the ability to consume cannabis products, including CBD, as long as it was for medical reasons. The vote was that passed Prop 203 was tight, due in part to Arizona’s proximity to Mexico and the effects of the Cartel’s cross-border drug trade.

As legalization in the United States began to be seen as a solution to weakening the stronghold that the Mexican Cartels had on the state, residents began to embrace the newfound views of Cannabis as a way to reduce the violence and power of drug cartels. In 2014, Arizona Judge Katherine Cooper ruled CBD hemp oil, as well as medical marijuana products, to be legal throughout the State of Arizona.

CBD is a compound that is derived from industrial hemp, which has no psychoactive properties and no THC, so it cannot get a person “high” regardless of how much they ingest. In Arizona, you can buy your CBD gummies in the same place you’d purchase your multi-vitamins. The industrial hemp that CBD is produced from is required by Federal Law to contain Non-detectable THC levels, which is very important for people that want to use CBD products but might be subject to drug testing for employment.

Nationwide Hemp Legalization

When President Barrack Obama signed The Farm Bill of 2014, it included an amendment that helped to overturn dated laws that limited industrial hemp research. The passage of President Obama’s Farm Bill marked a day for progress for the CBD oil industry as a whole. As research and industrial progress continue in Arizona, there are those that believe that there can be a huge economic boom due in part to CBD, as well as a potential legal marijuana industry.

Where Can I Buy CBD Hemp Oil In Arizona?

It’s very easy for a consumer to be overwhelmed with all of the CBD products currently available on the market, especially in a state like Arizona where legal CBD oil has been readily available for nearly a decade. Whether you are shopping for CBD products in Arizona online or in a store, it’s important to know exactly where your CBD hemp oil comes from, how it was made, and how much CBD it contains. Responsible CBD vendors like Vermont Hemp Health elect to have all of their products undergo rigorous lab testing before allowing a batch to be available for sale. Our whole flower CBD extracts mean that we use the best part of the hemp plant, the flower, instead of using inferior scraps like the stems and leaves that other manufacturers may use. By taking this extra step, we are able to produce a product that constantly has a CBD concentration between 15% and 26%, making us a leader in the CBD space.

Currently, many consumers think hemp automatically means marijuana, simply due to the fact that the plants are related. The CBD industry as a whole runs into problems when irresponsible companies decide to extract it from the marijuana plant instead of industrial hemp. All of Vermont Hemp Health’s CBD products are extracted from organically grown industrial hemp that is raised from seed right here on our farm in Vermont. Contact Vermont Hemp Health today to learn more, we would love to chat!

Is CBD Legal in Alabama

Carly’s Law, passed in 2014, authorized the University of Alabama to conduct research be administering CBD oil to children with seizures. In 2016, the next step towards CBD legalization in Alabama, known as Leni’s Law took this a bit further by legalizing possession for people with life-altering seizures, as well as permitted possession for parents of children prescribed CBD. Both laws were named after young children suffering that found relief in the compound.

After the 2018 Farm Bill was passed by President Trump, Alabama’s Attorney General released a statement in further support of these laws, thus permitting the production and sale of industrial hemp and CBD. The Federal government had given the choice to each individual state on how to regulate hemp and CBD production, and the Cotton State has decided to legalize.