Is CBD Legal in Alaska?

CBD products have made it all the way north-west to Alaska as the state has had liberal laws on Cannabis since 1998 when they legalized marijuana for medical use. Recreational marijuana was legalized in 2014, as well as the state supporting the legalized use of industrial hemp. The questions that arise about the legality of CBD in Alaska will be answered below.

Can I Purchase CBD In Alaska?

CBD is a product that can be legally purchased in Alaska. CBD oil, which is derived from the industrial hemp, has so little THC that it is undetectable, so a user will not experience the psychoactive effects that are associated with Cannabis that has a high THC content. In Alaska, a person can purchase and consume anything from CBD hemp oil to CBD topical creams, to marijuana and other Cannabis products, as it has some of the most forward-thinking laws on cannabis and hemp regulation and commerce.

Alaska residents can legally use CBD hemp oils and are able to purchase them over-the-counter from a variety of retailers and can also purchase from online vendors like Vermont Hemp Health.

Alaskan Hemp Laws and Legislation

Ballot Measure 8, which started the medical marijuana program in Alaska, was voted “yes” in 1998, making it one of the first states in the United States to have a statewide medical marijuana program. The Farm Bill of 2014, signed by President Obama, allowed states to start cultivating industrial hemp for commercial and research intents. Also passed in 2014, Ballot Measure 2 opened up a state vote for recreational marijuana so the citizens could make the decision, which passed with an outstanding “yes”. The passage of Ballot Measure 2 allowed for marijuana and Cannabis retail locations to be opened throughout the state, and also decriminalized possession of THC-containing Cannabis products.

With CBD products being legal throughout the state, Alaskans and lawmakers are pushing to allow the state to grow industrial hemp throughout its vast landscape. HB 172 is seeking to reclassify industrial hemp as a commercial crop since right now it is still legislated like its close relative, marijuana. Alaskan farmers approached Senator Shelly Hughes for permission to grow industrial hemp. Hughes commented that removing hemp from marijuana legislation needs to be done as there are no psychoactive impacts from ingesting industrial hemp.

Buying CBD Hemp Oil In Alaska

Buying CBD oil and related products in Alaska is as easy as going to a local store or ordering a product online. Try a few different types of products to see which works best for you. With CBD products being offers in dozens of different delivery options, including vapes, edibles, oils, topicals, and more, it’s important to consider what level dosage and concentration of CBD are right for you. Be sure to consider the different benefits and conditions that can be treated with CBD, as they are vast. Everything from inflammation to anxiety disorders can be treated with this miracle compound.

Finding the right vendor for CBD that offers a quick and discreet delivery is up the utmost importance. Vermont Hemp Health not only ships our world-class CBD products to Alaska, but we are also one of the only CBD manufacturers in the country that utilizes whole flower CBD extraction techniques. This practice puts quality before profit by utilizing the best parts of the hemp plant, the flower, to produce a CBD that consistently is measured between 15% and 26% CBD concentration. It’s not uncommon to find inferior CBD products that are made by extracting CBD from stems or leaves, leaving the user with a subpar CBD concentration that is often in the single digits. Every hemp plant that Vermont Hemp Health uses to extract our CBD oils from is grown organically on our farm in Vermont, which gives us full control of the final product, ensuring that we deliver a satisfying and beneficial dose of CBD to each and every customer. Contact Vermont Hemp Health today to learn more, we would love to chat!