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know what strain your taking

What do you want from your CBD oil? Vermont Hemp Health offers two strains for you to choose. Cherry Wine, or BaOX. Depending on what your needs are, decide which is right for you.

Cherry Wine

Our Cherry Wine CBD oil is great for many ailments, and is most effective at reducing stress and anxiety in ways that can help with confidence and productivity.


Great for many ailments, our BaOx CBD oil is especially effective for pain-relief and inflammation. Ideal for daytime and/or evening use, its effects won’t overwhelm or weigh you down. 


Premium WHOLE FLOWER CBD, Guaranteed

Vermont Hemp Health’s mission is to provide everyone with the best CBD, period. We’ve seen the benefits that CBD can provide first hand, but saw a marketplace flooded with inferior and potentially dangerous products. Don’t expose yourself to harmful chemicals and impurities. Vermont Hemp Health is locally sourced, uses only the hemp flower and does an all natural infusion. Don’t believe the hype? Buy today and find out!